The Flues III

This textile installation was inspired by the photography of The Flues. The photograph was shown with the textile work at the exhibition space.

These curtains were made by fabrics that I bought in secondhand shops, which originally were table clothes or bed sheets. I printed the images in block and sewed one by one. Somehow this procedure became a sort of pattern-making that cleared a common structure of daily life and became an abstract figure. Even if they are repetitive and show the same pattern, the audience is able to see that the fragments of these patterns appear in many different layers. It feels like these act as the border of an abstract form that emerges.

The fabric had already an original pattern which is quite common in Sweden, the Ikea type of patterns, like stripes or trees, which showed more figures in the fabric. The screen printing with different colour layers, the original pattern, the abstract compositions and fragments of fabrics gradually construct a pattern of their own.

One of the things that the curtain does, is divide the space creating a facade or a wall guiding to the silver-gelatin pictures. These pictures were the original base for the pattern. Thus, this “behind the scenes” part is a more tangible production of the whole composition. Simultaneously, it is a very simple way of presenting what originally motivated me for the image compositions.

The flues III, 2016
gelatin silver photoraphs
developed by artist using customized chemical
30 x 40 cm

silk-screen on the fabric
160 x 240 cm (each)